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Essay Competition Judge (Editor Internship)

If you are an individual who has talent and experience in reviewing the work of your fellow peers to give feedback, suggestions, and amendments, this is the role for you. As an Essay Competition Judge, you will be working with one of our Editors to judge essay competition entries by evaluating the writing, methodology, and referencing of these respective pieces. Under this system, you will be grading work based on a worksheet developed by our company. Quality entries that will be shortlisted by you and the Editor that will be responsible for you will be placed into a dataset that will be sent to a panel of Economists who will decide the competition winners.

Your position will be temporary until all essay entries have been sorted. Should The Backseat Economist see high frequencies of submissions after the competition, depending on your performance, you may be offered a position as an Editor.

Available Positions: 6


Ever been told that you are great at explaining difficult concepts? As part of our Tutoring programme, The Backseat Economist supports the enrollment of undergraduate University students to offer their services on our Platform. We support our Tutors with resources such as Powerpoints, Flashcards, Revision Guides, all from our Product Development Team - with this support network, why not sign up and try and make a difference in a students progression.

Available Positions: N/A
Standard Fee: £25/per hour

Journal Contributor

Have a passion for exploring new horizons in Economics & Political Sciences? Becoming a Journal Contributor allows you to have your work be officially endorsed by our organisation, earning you great future connections, as well as the opportunity to represent External Contributors in our Board meetings so that our organisation effectively upholds the principles we discuss in the Our Values page.

Available Positions: 2

Chief Marketing Officer

For those who have a natural tendency to sell anything, becoming a Chief Marketing Officer sounds like the fit for you. Your responsibilities will be a diverse mixture of day-to-day management of our Marketing Department to maximise efficiency as well as a focus on the planning of larger projects & initiatives that will link to other corporate areas such as our Tutoring content to make the most out of any opportunity.

Available Positions: 1

Marketing Associate

Do you have a passion for graphics design? As part of this role, you will be tasked with creating social posts such as graphics or animations whilst managing our social media channels to boost engagement with our audience to effectively promote products/services from other departments.

Available Positions: 2

Video Editor

Are you skilled at digital media creation? If so, this role is for you! Within this position you will be tasked with editing The Backseat Economists video content such as podcasts, video essays, and A-Level Revision videos by introducing transitions, music, and, most importantly, infographics!

Available Positions: 0

Chief Product Development Officer

Have an eye for ensuring that a service is fully catered to the needs of the consumer? As a Chief Product Development Officer, you will be responsible for organising staff to continually innovate our existing product ranges whilst exploring new horizons to ensure that top-notch revision materials make their way to keen students.

Available Positions: 1

Product Developer

For those looking for an extra challenge within our organisation, becoming a Product Developer is a great way to stand out on your CV. You will work within teams composed of staff from several departments to work on projects such as developing new course guides, flash cards, and more, to ensure that the highest quality materials find themselves in the hands of keen students.

Available Positions: 6

Chief Tutoring Officer

We take great pride and effort in ensuring that our Tutoring Services provide the best progression plans for our students so that they may unleash their potential. As a Chief Tutoring Officer, you will play a vital role in ensuring these students get the education they deserve by pushing for the development of new online courses, giving feedback on Tutor performance, and, making relevant pricing decisions to ensure our services remain affordable.

Available Positions: 0

Journal Editor

If you are an individual who has talent and experience in reviewing the work of your fellow peers to give feedback, suggestions, and amendments, this is the role for you. As an Editor for The Backseat Economist, you will be tasked with ensuring that contributors deliver columns on time, and, for these said columns be scrubbed clean before their respective publish dates. Under this position, you will be working closely with our Editor-In-Chief, and, our two other editors whereby all of you work together to autonomously manage schedules & edit pieces that are to be published.

Available Positions: 0

Outreach Co-ordinator

Become the person who is always at the right place at the right time. During your time under this role, you will be pioneering our networking opportunities by frequently searching for brand deals, sponsorships, and endorsements by individuals, businesses, and educational institutions.

Available Positions: 0