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Blog Editor

If you are an individual who has talent and experience in reviewing the work of your fellow peers to give feedback, suggestions, and amendments, this is the role for you. As an Editor for The Backseat Economist, you will be tasked with ensuring that contributors deliver columns on time, and, for these said columns be scrubbed clean before their respective publish dates. Under this position, you will be working closely with our Editor-In-Chief, and, our two other editors whereby all of you work together to autonomously manage schedules & edit pieces that are to be published.

To apply, please send a CV and Cover Letter over to editorial@thebackseateconomist with your email header being the role you are wishing to apply for.

Available Positions: 0

Job Type

Remote, Flexible, Voluntary

About the Role

We are looking for an individual who is looking to develop their academic and interpersonal skills by becoming a journal editor for The Backseat Economist. Whilst working in this role, you will be expected to edit articles on a frequent basis with the support of your fellow co-editors and Editor-In-Chief. At the same time, you will be looking at and tracking the publishing schedule to ensure that pieces; are submitted to you for editing, sent back to the authors for changes, and, published in a timely manner. To achieve this objective under your role, you will be expected to:

Manage a workload of editing two to three pieces on a monthly rotation depending on the backlog of internal & external submissions.
Work with a team of Editors to organise monthly schedules for writers so that article output is organised and maintained.
Give critical and specific feedback to authors who are having their articles edited by you so that any issues in quality can be resolved quickly.
Keep track of your own schedule and the general monthly schedule to ensure that the editing process is organised and efficient


Our organisation has a big focus on valuing our workforce by what they could become, rather than what skills they have now. As such, the most important factor we look for in potential candidates for any role is an industrious work ethic paired with an eagerness to learn as these qualities create the flexibility we need in our workforce. Yet, the role of a Journal Editor will likely be suitable for individuals who display these qualities:

  • Past experience in managing student papers & or any relevant editing experience.

  • A disagreeable yet fair attitude to ensure that standards are kept within the journal whilst being able to compromise with the opinions of contributors.

  • A tendency to take pride in one's work and pride in helping others achieve their highest potential.

  • A natural ability to give fair feedback and criticism.

  • An ability to manage your own schedule and the schedule of others to ensure that pieces are delivered and published on time.

  • A strong communicator and team player to ensure that any disruptions in the editing & publishing process are reported to higher-ups so that contingency measures can be implemented early.

About the Company

We aspire to connect young Economists across the country by providing a platform where contemporary issues can be discussed freely. By publishing free-to-access articles and other forms of dedicated media such as informational Podcasts and Private Tutoring sessions, our initiative aims to improve access to economics-related education resources for all. We strive to achieve these aspirations of a growing community, increased economic literacy & desire to seek truth through discussion. By becoming a Journal Editor, you will play a key role in ensuring that our articles, free-to-access media such as columns are of the highest quality by implementing rigorous and demanding quality control checks for our contributors.

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