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We aspire to connect young Economists across the country by providing a platform where contemporary issues can be discussed freely. By publishing free-to-access articles and other forms of dedicated media such as informational Podcasts and Private Tutoring sessions, our initiative aims to improve access to economics-related education resources for all. We strive to achieve these aspirations of a growing community, increased economic literacy & desire to seek truth through discussion by adhering to Our Values below.

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We propose to provide an environment that encourages authors, both internal and external, to be Creative in the problems they ask and the solutions that they provide. Through this culture, we believe that our platform will be a hub where original, and intriguing ideas are born and rigorously debated so that we can grow a community that fosters the common belief that open discussion can help us find Truths.


Our rigorous editing process involves us fine-tuning each submission to be as enjoyable, as well as intriguing to read for our audience. With these high standards, we aim to foster a culture of Conscientiousness where each Journalist aims to create the best piece of written work possible so that the discourse, as well as the educational material that we provide, is of the highest conceivable standards.


To craft a written piece with knowledge of it being heavily criticised is an act of Courage in itself, as such, we implore every part of our community to commit to this and submit ideas so that they can be explored. To foster such a culture, our editing process has a golden principle; Editors will critique the evidence and methodology behind an argument, not the argument itself. This process will ensure that we do not discriminate against an idea for the idea itself, instead, we allow the free market of ideas that is our community to evaluate a proposal's credibility. 


We have high expectations for the quality of submissions by both our dedicated team of Journalists as well as our community of contributors and readers. As such, it is only fair that our community holds us accountable to the same standards. To ensure this we aim to give full Clarity behind each Editorial decision we make, by providing a list of reasons for why an article may be denied or accepted. These can be found in our Clarity Policy document below. We will also frequently communicate important decisions on all platforms so that all of our stakeholders are informed.



Our organisation strongly believes that an integral part of academia is the opposition to the status quo when exploring ideas. Yet, although freedom of expression is a prerequisite in ensuring that one's thoughts become known by a community, we also strongly believe that for academic debate to be successful, all parties must have respect for one another. We desire lively debates, however, there is a line between brave ideas and passionate discussions as opposed to distasteful ideologies based on prejudice. Our platform will be no place for discrimination or harassment of any kind to ensure that bad actors do not sour the platform for those wishing to explore ideas for the sake of pursuing greater knowledge. Additionally, we aim to ensure that content posted on our website follows quality checks so that debates that do occur are of the highest quality.

The conditions for which we consider a text unacceptable to be published in the Journal due to concerns such as; discrimination, poor methodology, insufficient quality etc. can be found in our Clarity Policy document below that illustrates
 both the process our Editors use when critiquing articles, as well as the conditions that deem an article insufficient.