Distribution Policies & UBI's Discussion Thread

Research Topic: Do the economic benefits of a UBI outweigh the costs?
This is a thread on distribution policies and Universal Basic Income. The Backseat Economist's team of internal contributors have produced two pieces of research articles that contribute varying conclusions to the sphere of public debate surrounding these areas of Economics. As a result of this, we are advocating for more research to be published in this area. External contributions are welcome from all individuals wishing to participate in the debate.
Discussion Etiquiette: We are aware that the research topic has significant clashes with our essay competition question on Universal Basic Income. If you are an A-Level or IB student looking to contribute to the debate, we recommend you instead submit an entry to our competition. Failed submissions to the essay competition will not be published in the journal should they be put forward for external submission.

Literature put forward for the discussion will be subject to the same editing standards as with any articles in the journal. All published literature will be listed below.
Published Literature:
Migara Rodrigo of The London School of Economics "Structuring Social Safety Nets in the 21st Century"

Zofia Anna Leib of The London School of Economics "Money for Nothing: The Universal Basic Income and Its Many Problems"

Voting Poll:
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Do The Economic Benefits of a UBI Outweigh the Costs

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