Hong Kong citizens to be granted £43m to settle in the UK

The UK Government have announced a package worth £43 million which is designed to aid Hong Kong citizens when they move to the UK.

Nathan Law has also been granted asylum in the UK, this decision received backlash from Beijing however as Mr Law is a pro-democracy activist and public figure who the Chinese authorities have accused of being a criminal suspect.

Law first fled Hong Kong in 2020 and on Wednesday he had been granted political asylum by the Home Office, there is a warrant for his arrest under the national security law imposed by Beijing which 100 other activists have been detained under.

The feud for freedom and control between Hong Kong and China has been one that has been ongoing for years, Hong Kong used to be a British colony and Britain had a 99-year lease on the territory.

The lease ended in 1997 where the territory was transferred back to Mainland China, however, Hong Kong remained as a special administrative region meaning it is part of the same nation as China, but a different system.

This is due to the Sino-British Joint Declaration which occurred during the transfer that allowed for economic and administrative continuity through the transfer of sovereignty.

Because of this, Hong Kong has also kept many values that were prevalent during its periods of being a British Colony, for example, the region kept personal freedoms such as freedom of speech.

However, the CCP has decided that they will not recognise this sovereignty as in 2020, China began to pass a set of laws, especially the Hong Kong security law which began to undermine civil liberties.

Ever since this intervention Hong Kong has been subject to many protests which have ended with unnecessary hostility from the authorities due to the laws which China has passed, and for this reason, many are now deciding to flee the country.

So, the UK government decided that it is their duty to protect the past citizens of the British Empire by providing them increased incentive to leave Hong Kong and go to a nation that still upholds British values.

China has reacted angrily with this ongoing support for Hong Kong citizens and they claim that the west views are clouded by imperialism.

The £43 million package will somewhat act as a way to subsidise high-skill migration as many Hong Kong migrants tend to find themselves in respectable positions within the UK labour force.

The package will primarily help these migrants find and purchase housing and also will aid schemes that will help citizens learn the English language.

This will make these citizens migration to the UK much easier as the package is designed to decrease the risk associated with them leaving their home countries, thus minimising loss aversion.

Loss aversion is the concept that some individuals will not migrate due to the possibility of migration failing, hence, decreasing the chance of failure by offering government support, therefore, increases the chance for migration.

So, the government scheme is designed to help these asylum seekers and former British citizens by easing the pain and fear associated with leaving their country as it is what they call home, even if it may not be an ideal home, migration is leaving everything behind, and that for some is a scary concept.


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