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Chief Product Development Officer

Have an eye for ensuring that a service is fully catered to the needs of the consumer? As a Chief Product Development Officer, you will be responsible for organising staff to continually innovate our existing product ranges whilst exploring new horizons to ensure that top-notch revision materials make their way to keen students.

To apply, please send a CV and Cover Letter over to with your email header being the role you are wishing to apply for.

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Job Type

Remote, Flexible, Voluntary

About the Role

We are looking for an individual who is looking to develop their career within our organisation by utilising their talent for Economics as well as management of resources to the test in a challenging position. Within this role, you will be responsible for the planning, creation, and rollout of new Product Ranges and the development of existing ones such as our A-Level Revision Guides. To achieve this objective successfully and effectively you will be expected to:

Use your creative & innovative nature to design & plan the release of new Product Ranges to ensure that The Backseat Economist consistently provides the highest quality materials for students.
Frequently use planning models and tools such as Gantt charts or Critical Path analysis to track the progress of any new Products that are being developed.
Allocate the Product Developers within your department to complete priority tasks to ensure that new, innovative Products are delivered upon deadlines.
Use talent from other departments such as Marketing and Tutoring to increase collaboration & innovation as the spread of ideas from specialised business areas will yield the delivery of higher quality products.
Foster a healthy & motivated department, you will be chatting to your team regularly, frequently giving feedback and making them aware of what resources are available for improvement.
Write & present Monthly Reports so that department performance can be evaluated in our Board Meetings. This is an opportunity for both suggestions to be made and for requests to be made by you as a Product Development Director for additional resources if necessary.


Our organisation has a big focus on valuing our workforce by what they could become, rather than what skills they have now. As such, the most important factor we look for in potential candidates for any role is an industrious work ethic paired with an eagerness to learn as these qualities create the flexibility we need in our workforce. Yet, the role of a Chief Product Development Officer will likely be suitable for individuals who display these qualities:

  • A proficiency in ensuring that deadlines, as well as standards, are met in your own work and in the work of others.

  • A stern yet fair attitude, to be able to place your foot down when necessary but also to give constructive feedback to your co-workers.

  • An innovative spirit that creates new ideas but also rewards and gives credit to employees who commit to inventive even if inherently risky ideas despite their outcome.

  • Great verbal and written communication skills and natural ability to evaluate new Product Proposals so that every aspect of a new idea can be fully examined & evaluated.

  • A prudent personality based on careful planning & execution of tasks with room to accommodate for new innovations and extra resources if a plan is particularly bold.

  • An eager eye for opportunities in the market so that new consumer patterns & trends can be accommodated by our Products.

About the Company

We aspire to connect young Economists across the country by providing a platform where contemporary issues can be discussed freely. By publishing free-to-access articles and other forms of dedicated media such as informational Podcasts and Private Tutoring sessions, our initiative aims to improve access to economics-related education resources for all. We strive to achieve these aspirations of a growing community, increased economic literacy & desire to seek truth through discussion. By becoming a Product Development Director you will play a key role in ensuring that our paid content such as Course guides or Flashcards are frequently improved upon, in time for boom periods such as A-Level examination months, so that we can deliver the highest-quality economics education resources as possible.

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