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Ever been told that you are great at explaining difficult concepts? As part of our Tutoring programme, The Backseat Economist supports the enrollment of undergraduate University students to offer their services on our Platform. We support our Tutors with resources such as Powerpoints, Flashcards, Revision Guides, all from our Product Development Team - with this support network, why not sign up and try and make a difference in a students progression.

To apply, please send a CV and Cover Letter over to with your email header being the role you are wishing to apply for.

Available Positions: 8
Pay: Variable, dependent on Tutor price

Job Type

Remote, Flexible, Paid

About the Role

We are looking for an individual who is looking to develop their career within our organisation by utilising their talent for Economics to the test in a role that also heavily relies on one's ability to channel their teaching abilities. Within this position, you will be responsible for the hosting of Tutoring Services such as private sessions, or public seminars, so that students across the nation achieve the education they deserve. Additionally, to ensure that parents are well informed of their child's progress. To achieve this objective, you will be expected to:

Utilise content created by The Backseat Economist such as articles, podcast clips, revision videos etc in your own promotional material to boost outreach
Track key indicators such as grades on submitted work given to the Tutor to showcase the progress being made to the parent/and or carer.
Make time in your schedule to host Tutoring Sessions for a fee that will be paid to you as an independent Tutor offering their services on our platform.
Take part in helping the Tutoring Director in drafting new Tutoring Services that will expand the scope of our range whilst accommodating to the changing needs of students that will be reflective of what time in the academic year they are in.
Aid in the development of new Products by being vocal to the Product Development Team so that any Revision Guides made can be compatible with Tutoring Services wherever necessary.
Communicate any changes in schedule to students that you mentor to ensure that they are aware of any disruptions to ensure that the rapport you have built with them is maintained.
Take feedback from your Tutoring Director to make your sessions be as enjoyable and informative to students as possible, maximising the utility they gain from our services.


Our organisation has a big focus on valuing our workforce by what they could become, rather than what skills they have now. As such, the most important factor we look for in potential candidates for any role is an industrious work ethic paired with an eagerness to learn as these qualities create the flexibility we need in our workforce. Yet, the role of a Tutor will likely be suitable for individuals who display these qualities:

  • Solid knowledge of the A-Level syllabus so that stakeholders such as parents know that their students are in good hands.

  • A keen eye capable of spotting changes in consumer trends to ensure that all Tutoring Services available to students on our website are representative of what they require during specific academic terms.

  • Great verbal communication skills in the form of a natural ability to teach Economic concepts to students to maximise the effectiveness of your service.

  • A willingness to cooperate between departments to ensure that other business areas are compatible with your service.

  • The ability to take feedback so that the students you mentor receive the education they deserve.

About the Company

We aspire to connect young Economists across the country by providing a platform where contemporary issues can be discussed freely. By publishing free-to-access articles and other forms of dedicated media such as informational Podcasts and Private Tutoring sessions, our initiative aims to improve access to economics-related education resources for all. We strive to achieve these aspirations of a growing community, increased economic literacy & desire to seek truth through discussion. By becoming a Tutor you will play a key role in ensuring that our paid content such as Tutoring Sessions that are priced variably are consistently provided for the students that need them most, allowing us to deliver the highest-quality economics education resources possible.

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